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Storage Facilities

Before you start, write down exactly what you need to store. Then, check their size. on't guess. Price quotes are based on specific details. Note that the charges of storage units differ for different sizes in such a way that for a certain size, one company will be cheaper, but for a different size, another will be cheaper.
Self storage is a secure solution to storage needs. In most cases, the storage unit you hire can only be accessed by yourself - you'll be the only authorized key holder, although you can generally nominate further key holders if you wish. In most cases, you'll be expected to provide your own lock for your space - giving you an extra guarantee of security. In addition, reputable self-storage operations will have a range of their own security measures in place - these can include CCTV, guards and alarm systems.
Car Storage - RV Storage - Boat Storage - Pod Storage
Self storage facilities offer many different types of storage services such as self storage , mini storage, public storage, mobile storage , portable storage , pod storage , car storage, vehicle storage, auto storage, automobile storage, RV storage, boat storage & wine storage services .

New York Official Moving and Storage offer three options of storage:
1. Single Vaulted Storage. We store your goods in a secure fireproof room. Your goods are the only storage lot in the room and the room is kept under lock and key for added security.

2. Multiple Vaulted Storage. We store your good in a large secure room. This way, the Vault price is distributed between the clients in the room and the cubic feet of space that your good take. You are only charged for the portion of the vault that you are using even if you are the only client in the vault. This is a secure area and is kept under lock and key.

3. Compartmental Storage. We store your goods on storage floors with other goods. All the different storage lots are separated by disposable partitions. This ensured that the lots do not get mixed and you pay only for the actual cubic feet of space that your goods take.

4. Short Term Storage Area. We can store your goods on the vehicle that picked them up or unload them into this area. Goods unloaded into this area can be set off the transport and reloaded very quickly. The storage here is the same as no. 3 Compartmental Storage. Vehicle storage is dependant on the operational workload. Charges are accessed when goods are moved from short term storage to long term storage.