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To do before your move

4-6 Months before Moving Day

Contact Mary Jane to help to guide you through this move at 847-353-8052. Start a "Moving" File to keep all of your records and receipts in one handy location Select a realtor to sell your home and to purchase the new one. Then of course a mortgage lender and an attorney for closing. Allow us to assist you in the de-cluttering process. It will make your home more appealing to the prospective buyers and makes moving day easier.

3 Months before Moving Day

Allow us to assist you in getting estimates from professional movers and select one. Assist you in sketching the floor plan of your new home and furniture placement

2 Months before Moving Day

Contact insurance carrier. Establish insurance needs for your new home. Have antiques and other valuable items appraised for insurance purposes. If you need to change health care professionals, ask your present caregivers for referrals closer to your new home. If moving a distance, make the necessary travel arrangement to your new home such as airline tickets, etc. Be sure to include your pets. Complete the change of address cards provided by the post office. This can also be done on line. Send your new address to relatives, friends, credit card companies, clubs and periodical publishers, etc. Notify former employers, pension funds, social security administration of your move. This will simplify obtaining information for tax purposes. If you have furniture that needs to be repaired or reupholstered, send it out now and have it delivered to your new home.

1 Month before Moving Day

We will contact the utility companies to transfer service, discontinue service, or initiate new service. Transfer newspaper and magazine deliveries. Arrange to discontinue regular services such as garbage, lawn service, snow removal, etc. Begin to scale down by holding a garage or estate sale. Donate unsold items to your favorite charity. We order the packing boxes and materials. We do the packing of items you will not need until after your move. We arrange to have your present home cleaned after you have vacated the premises.

3 Weeks before Moving Day

Dispose of items that cannot be moved such as anything flammable, paint, oil, gasoline, tec. Contact your local municipality for pick-up and drop-off information. Make child care arrangements if necessary for moving day. Begin to use up frozen food and perishable items since they cannot be moved safely. Put aside all delicate fragile items that will travel with you in your car so they won't be put into moving van, i.e. plants, china, treasured heirlooms, etc.

2 Days before Moving Day

Defrost the refrigerator and freezer and leave doors open Pack a suitcase to help you through your move. Include two changes of clothing, nightwear, toiletry and medications.

Moving Day

We will be at your house to greet the movers and oversee the move to ensure that it is in accordance with your wishes. We will direct the moving company to new home and greet them at new home, and supervise the unloading directing the movers on furniture placement. We will review to ensure that all of the boxes and furniture have been delivered and carefully look at movers bill of lading to verify that everything has been delivered.