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Get FREE moving quote from East Coast movers work with over 20 east coast moving companies so if you need to move bedroom set or full household we can help today!
By US DOT regulations all interstate movers must provide you quotes based on the weight of the items you planning to move. But their charges may vary! To save you time and budget we will choose 5 most reliable and affordable east coast moving companies and send them you request! All quotes will be forwarded to your email address.

East Coast moving companies

When you choose your movers please pay attention to:
Paperwork and inventory list
Packing supplies charges
Amount of the required deposit
Delivery date must be on the contract
Please remember when you choose one way movers all your belongings will be reloaded to truck trailer and relocation company may ask you about access for the trailer.

EAST WEST coast moving companies

If you are moving from New York to Florida, or Boston to Los Angeles movers will perform exactly same packing and loading procedures, except the charges. For example the content of 1 bedroom apartment is 5000lb. and if your moving east coast (NY-FL) your rate will be $0.44 per lb about $2249.00 but to California from Massachusetts rate could be $0.75 per lb and your total bill will be close to $3750.00 When you shop arround for lowest relocation rate you may miss some important information that is why movers can tell you low rate over the phone and give your higher bill on delivery (long carry distance, extra packing supplies use, no trailer access etc.) Using us all information will be the same and you will receive accurate estimate within couple of minutes!

Looking for one way movers?

It is always cheaper to use interstate moving company for one way move. Why? For example you are moving 1 bedroom apartment from New York to Florida your expenses will be:
1. Truck rent (one way) - $1200
2. Fuel and Tolls - $500
3. Loading help on pick up - $250
4. Unloading help on delivery - $200 (always easier)
5. Packing supplies rent (dollies, blankets, etc.) - $100
Total estimated cost: $2250.00
As you can see above if you go with one way moving movers your total charge will be the same and even less!!!
We also want you you to know that there couple huge one way moving companies in USA. They own 1000s box trucks for local pick ups and 1000s truck trailers. Also they subcontract local state movers and hire owner operators.

6 Largest USA moving companies:

Atlas Van Lines
United Van Lines
Allied Van Lines
North American
Wheatong World Wide Moving
Using we guarantee following results: lowest one way moving quotes, reliable East West coast movers and much more...You also may call us and give your moving request over the phone! Our customer representative will ask you all questions that moving companies need to provide you accurate quote! All our services are FREE and NO Obligation!

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