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Moving Service / Moving Local

10/27/2011 8:07:09 AM

Queens New York

Job Description:

I need to move my dining table from my current apartment (elevator building) to my new apartment (3rd floor walk-up) this Sunday Oct 30th (late afternoon or evening). The new apartment is only 3 blocks away from the current apartment, in Astoria Queens. I am looking for someone who can come to help me move it. I think the entire thing would take less than one hour to do. Either someone with a van, or someone who has a dolly that we can put the dining table on and push it down the street. It's a small round dining table (for 4 people), but it's metal so it's too heavy for one person to carry. It has a heavy glass top, which is removable so that it can be carried in 2 pieces. If we use a dolly, we probably have to make 2 trips (one for the table and one for the glass top), but if you have a van, we could move both pieces in one trip. Please email me if you are available to help with this project.