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Job ID: 1396

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Moving Service / Moving Local

11/30/2011 8:08:02 AM

Manhattan NY

Job Description:

I'm looking for a reliable moving team for a move out of an apartment on E 70th St. tomorrow at 9am. The contents will be moved to my house in Morristown, NJ (about 1 hour away) The apartment contains an assortment of antique furniture which needs extra care. There are about 10 pieces of furniture that are being moved, the largest being a triple dresser. Then there are going to be an assortment of dish packs. Some of the items do need to still be packed up. It will also require blanket wrapping of the furniture. The apartment is extremely dirty, since the former tenant was a hoarder. Face masks will be required. I would expect at least three guys for the job. One to watch the truck, two to do the moving and I would do the remaining packing in the apartment. Please email me and let me know what size truck you have and I can send photos of the items that need to be taken out. It will also be an added bonus if you have a certificate of insurance, but it isn't required. Let me know if you charge a flat fee or an hourly rate.