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Moving Service / Moving/Labor

1/23/2012 2:26:51 PM


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Is anyone traveling from the Harrisburg, PA area to Charlotte,NC at all? We're looking for someone that has a trailer/ truck that goes that ways anyway (we don't want this to be an extra trip for you, which would end up costing us more).....and would be willing to drive the majority of our stuff down with you. We will be moving there as soon as we can iron out these details- hopefully within the next month. We would be traveling down with you in our car, so you could follow us if you wanted. Time/ day of week does not matter- we are flexible. There is a queen size mattress, small fridge, and a couple car loads of boxes. It's really not that much stuff. All other options are turning out to be way too expensive. We'd be willing to pay for your gas to go down, and some extra for your assistance. We do not need help loading/ unloading, only driving. Any assistance would be appreciated. Please respond with what you feel would be a FAIR price. We are honest people and would like to work something out with you. Thanks so much for your time!