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Job ID: 2231

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Moving Service / Moving/Labor

3/29/2012 2:27:48 PM

Queens NY

Job Description:

I'm looking to move to Philadelphia this week; I have no furniture, my items consist of about 15 book boxes, clothes, a bicycle, 2 long backdrops, and some miscellaneous flat items. I really need nothing more than a cargo van, or a minivan, or a jeep cherokee, or some similar vehicle. I'm a former mover, and know exactly how to load quickly and efficiently. I will be doing the same amount of moving work right alongside you, so that our time and effort is minimized and the move goes swiftly. Only 1 person, driver/mover, needed. it would be to our advantage to have a flat dolly and/or a hand truck (quicker/easier to move boxes). we'll probably also need 1 or 2 sets of moving straps (for bicycle and backdrops - atop the vehicle if minivan/jeep).