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Moving Service / Moving Local

5/3/2012 9:54:28 AM


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I am looking for a mover or movers to move 7 sculptures from a studio in between Dorrance, PA to a gallery in NYC on the 16th or 17th of April. A truck with a lift gate would be needed and some dollys and they would have to be wrapped in blankets and secured well to the truck. I will have use of a roustabout here to get the pieces onto Dollys... The works are made of a steel armature and covered with cement (but not solid). Here are the specs of the works and I can send images if needed. L 4' x W2.6' x H 7' L 11.6' x W6.9' xH 3.3' (metal base) L 4.11' x W 4' x H 4.11' L5.4' x W 2.10' x H4.10' L 3.7' x W 4.2' x H 2' L 6.2 x W 3.10' x H 4.9' L3' x W 2.8' x H 5.10' L5.8' x W2.10 x H7.9