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Job ID: 250

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Moving Service / Moving Local

4/23/2009 7:15:59 PM

Bronx, NY

Job Description:

am moving on Saturday May 2nd. The only thing we have at our current location that we are taking with us are my baby's furntiture, bookshelves, storage bins, and bags of clothing. We will have a total of 3 locations to pick items up from. I would like to pick up my bedroom set from Scarsdale (Central Ave) on the way south Pick up the above items from Mt. Vernon continue south and get my mattress set from a furniture store (it's in the bronx about 5 minutes away from my new place) And then move the items into my place. We are in the Botanical Gardens area in the Bronx. It is a 3 story walk up (sorry) BUT you will have help! We can have 2-3 men to help you out and hopefully get a better rate. I would like to start when the store opens at 9am. Please give me a rate and an idea of how long you think it should take. Thank you. Moving from 44th/2nd Ave (midtown east) to 20th/2nd ave (gramercy). About 1.5 miles away. Old place has elevator, new place is only on the 2nd floor. ONLY can move on Thursday, April 30th during the day. I expect this to take about an hour, as I will need to get back to work during the day.