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Moving Service / Moving Local

5/30/2012 7:58:35 AM

New Jersey

Job Description:

will need 2-3 movers to wrap large furniture and complete the move. I'm estimating 1 hour to wrap, 2 hours to load. 2 hours to unload.(I think this job can be done with 2 movers) DETAILS; From Linden to Linden less than 1 mile apart, 3rd floor elevated building to a house with 2 floors. Only bedroom items will go on 2nd level. 1 bedroom apt that consist of; 1king bedw/rails, dresser, 2 armoires, large file cabinet, desk, dining table, 6 chairs, 2pc.sectional, 3 end tables, tv stand, 2 tv's, 3 large glass items, 5 misc household items and 30- 50 boxes. When responding please leave total price for move and whats included. Also please leave your phone number, I will respond imediately. I can rent a truck if need be. A pick up truck wont get the job completed in time.