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Moving Service / Moving/Labor

6/26/2012 9:39:27 AM


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My girlfriend and I are both moving out of our separate 1BR apartments and into a single 2BR apartment. Hence, there are two loading locations and one unload location. Each loading location is on the 3rd floor. The first is in West Chester, PA (13xx West Chester Pike), the other is in University City in Philadelphia (36xx Hamilton St). The apartment we are moving into is in Prospect Park, PA (12xx Lincoln Ave) and is on the first floor. We'll provide the complete addresses of course. We need two movers to load and unload the truck. The truck is already reserved. Please provide a rate and availability. Our move is scheduled for this Saturday (6/30/2012). Thank you! West Chester Apt: 1 Queen bed 1 Small love seat 2 medium book shelves 1 large book shelf 1 glass coffee table 1 TV stand 1 27" CRT TV 2 Small plastic file drawers 1 Large desk 1 Shelving unit (disassembled) 1 4-seat dining room table (disassembled) 4 dining room chairs 1 dresser 2 night stands ~30 boxes 4-5 large plastic totes Philadelphia Apt: 1 desk 1 twin bed 1 dresser 1 small table 1 large mirror ~15 boxes Location: West