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Job ID: 351

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Moving Service / Moving Local

5/18/2009 2:23:24 PM

Brooklyn, NY

Job Description:

I am moving from Queens to Brooklyn in the next few weeks. I am moving a bunch of Ikea boxes with furniture, various small items/boxes/bags, clothing, 2 flat screens, books, 2 air conditioners etc. What I need: I need someone to pick these items up (in your van/truck) in Queens (you can meet my mother there and she will show you everything that has to go) and deliver them to Brooklyn (Bay Ridge area). I need these items brought up (I have an elevator here and in Queens) and I need the Ikea furniture assembled (I have a coffee table, sofa table, two TV stands, and a computer work station). I would also like the air conditioners installed. When I need it: The furniture should be coming next week so this would be sometime in the next two weeks. This must take place either on a Sunday or a weekday evening. Please email me your rates for this job and any thing else you feel I should know.