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Job ID: 3537

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Moving Service / Moving Local

10/18/2012 4:09:38 PM

Staten Island NY

Job Description:

I'm looking for a mover with a big truck to move my studio-apt belongings to my new apt in Aventura, FL (North Miami Beach area). I have about 50 medium-size cartons of books, clothing, etc (about 18" x 16" x 12"), a queen-size bed, two book cases, a wood, 5-drawer chest of drawers, seven 2-drawer file cabinets, three office chairs, two medium-size tables, three computer printers, desk-top computer, and a few smaller wood cabinets and miscellaneous items. I will pay you $900 plus pay for the gas and tolls. I want to move by Oct 15th. You would have to load all my stuff on your truck where I live in Staten Island, then unload the stuff into my Aventura apt. You will need a helper. I will ride down to Florida with you in your truck. I also want to attach a U-Haul car-dolly behind your truck to take my Volkswagon Beetle car behind your truck.