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Moving Service / Moving Local

5/18/2009 2:25:31 PM


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I have 2 bins / 44 square feet of storage at chelsea ministorage at 27th and 11th. Their prices are way too high. I found a cheap place 75 miles away in Western New Jersey. This would be a five to six hour job. I need a reasonable low cost quote for this job. Do I need just a big van or a small truck? Please give me an hourly rate and / or a fixed rate. Also, I am looking for a low rate. My belongings don't need alot of TLC. NO furniture, no electronics, no bed. It's only boxes of books and files, some suitcases and beach chairs, nothing fragile. Please note I only need a truck and I driver. I have 2 college football players who are providing cheap muscle at $12 per hour. Thanks, Eric