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Moving Service / Moving Local

5/18/2009 2:26:02 PM

Brooklyn, NY

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My husband and I are moving into a clapboard house in a row of brownstones in Park Slope North. Out of the back of the parlor floor, there are steps down to the garden (a full floor down) which we would like to replace with a full deck, possibly as wide as the brownstone (up to 18 or so feet) and deep enough to put a table and chairs on it, with stairs down to the garden. The garden faces north, and we are concerned about light into the garden-floor windows. Please let us know if you have any suggestions about how to deal with this problem. It's possible that we'll want to build a lattice-like metal deck. Include in your response information about experience, references, and suggested materials, as well as estimated time and cost. Thanks very much!