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Job ID: 360

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Moving Service / Moving Local

5/18/2009 2:26:20 PM

Brooklyn, NY

Job Description:

I'm looking for someone to help me and my roommate move from Brooklyn to Levittown, PA. It's about 10 minutes from Trenton, NJ. We live in a one bedroom apartment on the second floor of a walk up in Brooklyn. We really don't have a lot of things that need to be moved. As far as big things are concerned the only thing you would have a problem with is our sectional and our mattress (queen) and box spring. I only say it will be a problem based on the size. Besides that the rest are boxes, typical sized boxes. I will help with the moving process. We're looking for two guys with their own truck. I will pay for gas and tolls. We will pack the truck on Friday morning at 10. This should take us no more then 2 hours. I want to be on the road by 12. We'll make it to PA around 2. And the truck should be unpacked by 4. So let me know what six hours will cost me. The lowest price gets the job of course.