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Job ID: 3704

Job Field:

Moving Service / Moving Local

11/14/2012 12:41:22 PM

Boston MA

Job Description:

Need helps moving boxes from a container truck into warehouse and organize them on warehouse racks and shelves. Total 755 boxes, each average 10-20 lbs. No oversize or heavy item. Hand trucks or other tools available in the warehouse. Loading dock and freight elevator available. Roll up warehouse door. All flat floor surface. No stair. No heavy lifting needed. Easy move but many boxes. It is more about organizing than simply moving. Must be able to read English in order to read box labels (necessary for organizing boxes in the correct space/spot). It can take 4-5 hours. Pay is by hours, $15/hour. You are expected to be paid $60-70 for this project depending on how long it takes. There are other warehouse crews ourselves here to help. We only need one extra person. This is a small project and will fit helpers not far from Needham Height (next to Newton) within 5-10 minutes drive. If interested, please email your mobile number. Please apply only if you are sure you can show up on the date we need it. Estimated truck delivery time is 12pm-1pm so you will start 1pm. We plan to work with a good helper on a long term basis. We have one major delivery like this every month and may have other occasional needs for labor on a need basis. Ideally this is within walking distance of where you live or within 5-10 drive.