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Job ID: 4067

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Moving Service / Moving Local

11/20/2013 8:54:57 AM

Brooklyn NY

Job Description:

We are moving from Park Slope to Bay Ridge Brooklyn and need a man that can help two other guys move a one bedroom's furniture into an apartment in Brooklyn. Pay is $200. Includes helping move furniture out of current apartment into truck, driving truck to Bay Ridge and moving furniture into new apartment. Total time is about five hours give or take an hour. If we all work hard we could bust it out a lot sooner. Furniture includes a hard wood desk(30in by 30in by 60in) a wardrobe (72in by24in by 48in) a queen size bed and a fold out couch, TV, small furniture, etc. Also about 20 small boxes. We will supply lunch. Please contact me as soon as possible. We have two strong hard working guys already, so we need one more hard working guy and a large truck to lug this stuff.