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Job ID: 4199

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Moving Service / Moving Local

1/29/2014 7:34:40 AM

Manhattan NY

Job Description:

I need experienced movers to move my entire place one block into storage. From Second Ave and 111 to first Ave and 110. It is a three floor walk up and there is a sofa that may be tricky, but once the place is empty getting it into storage should be a piece of cake. The storage place has huge elevators and wide doors and hallways. Aside from the sofa there will be 10 or 12 boxes of records which are heavy but a dolly handles them well. A desk, coffee table, 42 plasma and TV stand, kitchen wares, clothes, a pair of turntables, and 20 or so small to medium boxes of miscellany. Last time I moved, it was down a third floor walk up and back up into this one.