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Moving Service / Moving Local

6/27/2009 8:46:01 AM


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My movers canceled on me last minute, and I need to find alternative movers ASAP. I am moving on Friday at 3pm. I'm moving from the Upper East Side in the 60's to the Upper East Side in the 90's. I currently live in a 6th floor walkup (don't say I didn't warn you!), but I am moving into a 2nd floor walkup. I have 1 full bed, 1 32" big-box TV (old-school, not a flat-screen), 1 microwave, 1 small round kitchen table with 4 chairs, 1 small AC unit, and maybe 20 boxes (maybe less). To be honest, I don't have THAT much stuff, but the pain in the ass part is the stairs. I want to find movers ASAP, considering I'm moving on Friday! I would prefer movers that are licensed, perhaps even insured, and have verifiable information (ex: website, online reviews). Feel free to reply even if not, as I am considering all estimates at this point. It's late, but I don't mind if you call or e-mail 24/7. Nothing shady. Thanks!