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Moving Service / Moving Local

7/12/2009 5:36:22 PM


Job Description:

Hello Movers! We are looking for 2 possibly 3 movers to complete a move in brooklyn from Crown Heights to Park Slope (drive no more than 15 mins). The move out location is from a walkup building-- there are 3 flights of stairs you will need to go down, plus a small stoop. The move in building is on the first floor of a building, so the only steps are a few at the stoop. very easy. What to move: 1 A queen size bed and box spring, with the small metal frame the mattress came with 1 large computer printer 1 20inch TV 2 drawer units, wooden, large 1 AC, un-installed 4 ikea bookshelves, sizes vary 1 small bookshelf 1 microwave 1 light floor lamp no more than 20 small book boxes, misc boxes 3-5 rolling suitcases of clothing