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Job ID: 670

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Moving Service / Moving Local

7/30/2009 8:35:35 AM


Job Description:

I need two movers to help me move my furniture from 29th street & 3rd Ave to 30th street b/w 2nd and 3rd Ave. I am literally moving one block away and just need help moving my bed, dresser, table, etc. All of the small things I will try to have out of there ahead of time as I can walk them over myself, but I just need help moving the bigger furniture. My moving time is 1-4PM, so if I can have someone arrive to my apartment somewhere between 1:30 and 2PM, that would be ideal. I can offer $75/hour for two men. This may take only take an hour or 90 minutes (which I could pay $110 for 90 minutes) , I don't have that much stuff, I just need it moved in a fashion where it all arrives in one piece.