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Job ID: 777

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Moving Service / Moving Local

9/11/2009 7:10:23 AM

New York City

Job Description:

I am looking for a couple of strong people with a truck or larger vehicle, ideally professionals to help me move a sofa in and out of my 3rd floor walk-up apartment this Saturday morning. I'm buying a sofa this weekend and need some help getting it upstairs without breaking anything or hurting my walls. I will be buying a few more objects over the next few months, so this could be a steady part-time gig over the next few months if we get along--it will always be just an item or two at a time. Many of these gigs will involve you going to one location to pick up an object, and then moving it to my apartment. Sometimes, you will need to first bring an object downstairs, before picking up the new item. The sofa for this weekend is 10 blocks away from me. I'm trying to give away my old sofa away on Friday or Saturday, so I doubt you will need to remove it first, but that may change. Please respond with your rate.