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Moving Service / Moving Local

9/21/2009 7:38:00 AM

Long Island

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My family is moving from an apartment in Long Beach to a house in Nyack. We are flexible on the moving dates, but ideally would like to move between 10/1 and 10/17, with the ideal date probably October 10th. I have included a lot of details below, so I am looking for a nearly fixed price quote. I have had a couple of bad moving experiences, so keeping the cost close to a budget is a requirement. Please respond with any questions and an initial price quote. Also a few references would be helpful. Also. if interested, you can add a price that would include the packing up of everything in the house. My wife will be undergoing a minor medical procedure before the move, so it might be worth our while to have someone do all the packing and the moving together. I don't know if this service is ever provided, but I thought I would ask. Long Beach: The apartment is a two-story apartment facing the backyard. The kitchen is on the lower level, and the remaining rooms are upstairs (living room, 2 BRs, 1 Ba). There are 13 steps between the levels (6 up to a landing, and then 6 back the other direction to the second floor). There is a railing between the two staircases which can be removed so things can be lowered fairly easily. There are 2 back doors - one traditional and one set of patio doors off a deck that is three steps up from the ground. The patio doors are obviously easier for oversized pieces, but the traditional door is easier for everything else. It is about 40-50 yards from the back doors to the road through a gate. The terrain is flat. Nyack: The house is a traditional colonial about 25 yards from the driveway. There are about 10 steps up from the ground to a front porch. From there, it is straightforward with main rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms upstairs. The staircase is straight, wide and unremarkable. Furnishings: KITCHEN: Large round kitchen table. Clawfoot. Needs to be disassembled and is a bit of a pain in the ass. 6 kitchen chairs. One "mail center" cabinet One other small cabinet Normal boxes of kitchen stuff. LIVING ROOM: 46" TV TV stand cabinet Large sofa End table Leather coffee table/cabinet Boxes of electronics and movies/games BR1: Queen size bed (frame/mattress/etc.) Large dresser Two small end tables Bench IKEA bookcase Boxes of books, photos, knick knacks, etc. Many, many bags, boxes, etc. of clothes BR2: Large Crib Large Changing Table/Cabinet Large Standing Dresser Many, many more boxes of clothing, shoes, linens, etc. Luggage set. Tools Various smaller odds and ends Other: Another 50" TV currently in basement. Another handful of boxes currently in basement. Thanks in advance for your time.