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Moving Service / Moving Local

9/21/2009 7:38:33 AM


Job Description:

Hi, I have what should be a very quick and easy job. It should take less than an hour total. I just need one guy and his vehicle as I will be helping. I need to move at 8:30PM tonight (sharp!): 6 boxes (1 large) 3 suit cases 1 Snowboard 1 50" Flat panel TV 3 duffel bags No furniture will need to be moved. 1 floor walk up. I mostly just need help with the TV (not heavy, just delicate/awkward). Moving only 15 blocks. I think for a very low labor intensive job, short transport, 45 minutes of work $30 would be fair. Moving from 109th to 118th. Thanks and please e-mail me if you can do help.