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4/12/2012 1:00:09 PM Lloyd Harbor, NY Moving Service/Warehose R Need to relocate my warehouse contents today or tomorrow! The roof started
4/11/2012 3:17:15 PM Copiague, NY Household/Carpet Cle Need a carpet cleaner for the weekend. Several locations, 5 hours of work o
4/11/2012 3:14:10 PM Morganville, NJ Moving Service/Auto Trans Transport a Gallardo to the dealership in NYC. the engine is blown, so it d
4/11/2012 3:13:13 PM Bronx, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Need movers for this Sunday. Moving out of a 3 bedroom into a 1 bedroom. Ha
4/11/2012 3:09:40 PM Brooklyn NY Moving Service/Moving/Lab Need 3 movers to load a storage pod that is more like a container thought.
4/11/2012 2:48:41 PM South Hampton, NY Transportation/Freight/Tr Need to deliver a tractor to East Hempstead to a repair shop. Please give m
4/11/2012 2:47:22 PM Linbrook, NY Transportation/Moving Loc Need a big truck and 6 men for a move going to Brunswick, NJ. Moving a 4 be
4/11/2012 2:44:30 PM Queens, NY Household/Furniture Need furniture assembled from target. roughly a desk, bedroom set, couch an
4/11/2012 2:43:36 PM Staten Island, NY Moving Service/Office Rel Office relocation. Medical supplies, chairs, patient chairs, 5 large file c
4/11/2012 2:42:22 PM Jersey City, NJ Moving Service/Delivery S Delivery to the NYC. About 60-70 bankers boxes. Needed early AM on Friday!
4/10/2012 1:49:49 PM Brooklyn NY Building Services/Kitchen Need kitchen builders and installer. Doing a custom project, so experience
4/10/2012 1:48:15 PM Port Washington, NY Transportation/Delivery Delivery of a fountain. It has been detached, dismantled. Ready to pick up,
4/10/2012 1:43:01 PM Fresh Kills, NY Moving Service/Art & 40 Art Pieces. Need Extra Large truck for this job. 6 qualified men, who ca
4/10/2012 1:23:33 PM Manhattan, NY Moving Service/Moving Lon Moving my 3 bedroom to LA. Need to have everything picked up on the 17th of
4/10/2012 12:48:17 PM Queens, NY Transportation/Corporate Transporting contents of one office to another. Basically we are connecting
4/10/2012 12:43:48 PM Staten Island, NY Transportation/Internatio Need to ship 3 flat screen TV's to France. They are extremely fragile so cr
4/10/2012 12:41:44 PM Newark, NJ Transportation/Exhibits Need to deliver a container of clothing to a location in Connecticut. How m
4/10/2012 12:24:53 PM Coram, NY Transportation/Moving Loc Moving to East Setauket. Have a 2 bedroom house, fairly small. The distance
4/10/2012 12:23:55 PM Brooklyn NY Household/Furniture Assembly required ASAP! Just moved in and can't handle assembling the thing
4/10/2012 12:22:41 PM Manhattan, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Need 2 strong guys and a truck to move 2 bedroom sets and approximately 20
4/5/2012 2:20:35 PM Newark, NJ Transportation/Exhibits Relocating a small office space 450sq ft. Need like 2 guys to help out not
4/5/2012 2:17:14 PM Clifton, NJ Transportation/Labor / Mo We need 4 men to load our moving truck. Moving to CA. Preferably good profe
4/5/2012 2:15:49 PM Manhattan, NY Transportation/Storage Se Need a large storage for about a year. Moving to France, business issues. W
4/5/2012 2:14:27 PM Manhattan, NY Transportation/Storage Se Need a large storage for about a year. Moving to France, business issues. W
4/5/2012 2:13:31 PM Manhattan, NY Moving Service/Packing Se Need professional packers to come and pack a 3 bedroom apartment, studio ap
4/5/2012 2:11:22 PM East Hampton, NY Moving Service/Auto Trans Transport 5 cars. Need a pro with a large trucks. 3 of 'em are SUVs.
4/5/2012 2:09:18 PM Ronkonkoma, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Moving to Coram, NY. Want to move out by the end of next week. Have a 1 bed
4/5/2012 2:06:06 PM Queens, NY Transportation/Moving Loc Local move, going to Brooklyn. Have 2 bedrooms to move. Please make an esti
4/5/2012 2:04:57 PM Jersey City, NJ Transportation/Heavy Equi Vending machine. Delivery to Brooklyn. Weight is 650lbs
4/4/2012 2:21:13 PM Bronx, NY Transportation/Moving Lon Bronx to lake harmony Pa Leave this Friday at 215 pm Return April 11at 5
4/4/2012 2:20:15 PM Jersey City, NJ Transportation/Containers 3 trucks, teams in two. 3 28ft containers. Going to Phili
4/4/2012 2:11:52 PM Bayport, NY Transportation/Labor / Mo Need to have a container loaded and another 2 unloaded. We have a big wareh
4/4/2012 2:03:42 PM Manhattan, NY Household/Furniture NEED A HANDYMAN WITH TOOLS TO MOUNT 2 CABINETS AND 1 DESK
4/4/2012 1:59:53 PM Quuens, NY Moving Service/Office Rel Relocating a small office to Mineola, NY and then transporting some things
4/4/2012 1:58:13 PM Smithtown, NY Transportation/Exhibits Pick up a painting that is 78" x 95". Wight is about 250lbs
4/4/2012 1:46:05 PM Wayne, NJ Transportation/Delivery Bedroom set to be delivered from Wayne, NJ to Syracuse, NY. King size bed,
4/4/2012 1:41:34 PM Manhattan, NY Household/Furniture IKEA furniture. 10 pcs. Dresser, bed, coffee table, sleeper sofa, 2 side ta
4/4/2012 1:39:42 PM Brooklyn, NY Household/Interior D Need to decorate a 3 bedroom apartment, with dining room, living room. 2 ki
4/3/2012 2:12:06 PM Manhattan, NY Household/Furniture Need a technician to assemble a wall unit. Will help myself. 3-4 hour job
4/3/2012 2:00:41 PM Bronx, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Within Bronx. Have a 2 bedroom apartment, moving to a private house. Only n
4/3/2012 1:59:55 PM Hempstead, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Moving to Pt.Pleasant in Jersey. Have 3 bedroom sets, living room and dinin
4/3/2012 1:58:47 PM Happague, NY Household/Furniture Looking to relocate to New York City. Have a studio amount of furniture to
4/3/2012 1:57:15 PM Boston, MA Transportation/Moving Lon Looking to relocate to New York City. Have a studio amount of furniture to
4/3/2012 1:42:59 PM Staten Island, NY Moving Service/Auto Trans Pickup truck needed. Transporting 2 dirt bikes to East Meadow, NY
4/3/2012 1:42:17 PM Quuens, NY Transportation/Freight / Need several trucks to pickup a few containers. Going to the shipyard in Je
4/3/2012 1:40:28 PM West Babylon, NY Transportation/Corporate Office move within Babylon. About 1400sq ft. Very large. On site estimation
4/3/2012 1:39:23 PM Jersey City, NJ Transportation/Delivery Need a delivery from Jersey City to Manhattan. Basically 5 chairs, coffee t
4/3/2012 1:38:23 PM Brooklyn, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Need 1 mover with a cargo van to move some boxes, suitcases and small shelv
4/2/2012 2:49:22 PM Brooklyn, NY Household/Cleaning Studio cleaning. Budget is $120. Not much to do, easy job
4/2/2012 2:48:27 PM Coram, NY Household/Cleaning 4 bedroom house cleaned after renovation. Have lots of bits and dust. Need
4/2/2012 2:46:25 PM Port Jefferson, NY Moving Service/Heavy Equi Anyone knows how to move an organ? Need it moved about 20 miles
4/2/2012 2:45:39 PM Manhattan, NY Household/Furniture Need furniture assembled ASAP! Living room set and a kitchen island
4/2/2012 2:37:58 PM Philadelphia, PA Transportation/Containers Need two daybeds to transport 2 containers to Brooklyn and Queens
4/2/2012 2:37:03 PM Staten Island, NY Moving Service/Auto Trans Transport snowmobile to a workshop in Huntington Station, NY. Doesn't start
4/2/2012 2:36:04 PM Queens, NY Moving Service/Delivery S Delivery 3 couches from Forest Hills to Lynbrook, NY Flat rate please
4/2/2012 2:34:35 PM Brooklyn, NY Transportation/Exhibits Transport 16 art pieces from our warehouse to NYC
4/2/2012 1:05:29 PM Plainview, NY Transportation/Moving Loc Relocation of a 3 bedroom house, splitting in to 2 different locations. 1s
4/2/2012 1:03:49 PM Manhattan, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Local short move. Only furniture, and it's only a bedroom and a living room
3/30/2012 2:54:56 PM Manhattan, NY Moving Service/Moving/Lab Need 3 guys to load a truck this weekend. Saturday if available.
3/30/2012 2:48:39 PM Pittsburgh, PA Moving Service/Moving &am Anyone provides a storage space for 3 bedrooms? There's not a lot. Need mov
3/30/2012 2:20:08 PM Jersey City, NJ Moving Service/Truck Rent Anyone has a small 18ft truck? Diesel preferred. Pay daily, need it for 4-7
3/30/2012 2:18:59 PM Boston, MA Transportation/Vehicle R Need to transport 3 BMW. 1 6 series, X5 and a 7 series. All need to be deli
3/30/2012 2:17:53 PM Patchogue, NY Transportation/Exhibits Export some artwork to JFK airport. Need a large truck with 4 experienced m
3/30/2012 2:07:21 PM Port Washington, NY Transportation/Corporate Deliver Couch, 5 boxes and coffee table to New Jersey. Easy job, need to be
3/30/2012 2:06:36 PM East Islip, NY Transportation/Heavy Equi Need fridge, oven and freezer moved from E. Islip to Hempstead, NY. Will ne
3/30/2012 2:04:38 PM Brooklyn, NY Moving Service/Moving Loc Last minute move! 2 bedroom apartment, going to two separate locations. Nee
3/30/2012 2:03:03 PM Rochester, NY Moving Service/Delivery S Need delivery from Long Island, NY to Rochester. It's basically 1 living ro
3/29/2012 2:38:59 PM Elizabeth, NJ Transportation/Labor / Mo Need 5 movers this weekend. Loading 2 containers
3/29/2012 2:33:55 PM New Jersey Moving Service/Moving/Lab Moving out of one location in Jersey City into another storage center in Je
3/29/2012 2:32:22 PM Brooklyn NY Moving Service/Moving/Lab Looking for movers tomorrow morning in Brooklyn, very close to the Manhatta
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